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    Anselm Rosario has been working with runaway or abandoned street-dwelling children who survive as scavengers in the South Indian city of Bangalore since the mid-1980s.

    Priti Pai, working with one of the chief colonies of prostitutes in Bombay, is developing coherent, practical model ways the children and their mothers can find a future.

    Meera Bhattarai is helping low-income women to develop high margined products to sell domestically and internationally. With these margins, she is demonstrating that it is possible for employers to provide a wide array of fringe benefits not common in Nepal today.

    Beginning with Mexico City, Alicia Argüelles has designed a program to prevent alcoholism and drug abuse in schools.

    Patricia Cabrera is working on a model to give personal and legal support to good-risk, first-incarceration prisoners and their families, to ensure early release and effective reintegration into post-prison life.

    Julio Moure, working in the most underdeveloped area of Tabasco state in southern Mexico, is building (1) what promises to be Mexico's most successfully innovative school and (2) a web of closely interrelated community self-help health, nutrition, education, and development initiatives. Many of the individual elements and the overall approach should be useful models across the country.

    Arturo Caballero is introducing major innovations into the organization of one of Mexico's most backward sectors: the fishing industry. Working in the Yucatan Peninsula with largely illiterate fishermen, he is guiding them towards their participation in the creation of a modern fishing industry. This Yucatan work will provide a model for many other groups.

    Maria Rosario Valdez Santiago is training a spotlight on domestic violence in Mexico. Ultimately, she intends to stop it. Although most Mexicans don't believe that there is a domestic violence problem, Valdez Santiago has evidence that the problems is widespread.

    Agatha Thapa is a Nepali who taught primary and secondary grades in Lalitpur in the 1960s and early 1970s, and who has since founded two pre-primary schools and an organization that introduces, champions, and helps others take up pre-primary child care and educational reforms. Her focus is on poor mothers and their children.

    Naginbhai Shah enables poor patients, who cannot afford to pay their medical bills in hospitals, get access to finance. Naginbhai’s team of volunteers visit hospitals in Ahmedabad daily to identify patients who are unable to pay for their medical prescriptions. The Dardionu Rahat Fund started in 1964 with a small amount of Rs. 10 has since collected over Rs. 10 crores. This has helped provide financial access to healthcare to more than 6 lakh patients.