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    Bharat Koirala is helping to introduce modern journalism to Nepal. A former reporter and editor of two of the country's largest newspapers, he is well qualified.

    Yambem Laba is mobilizing the youths of poor and neglected Manipur for community and environment projects.

    Helping Poor Communities Have a Say in Their Own Development

    Mara Calliari's educational program to raise awareness of the health risks involved in working with agricultural chemicals has focused people's attention on the issues and brought forth alternatives to minimize the risks.

    Roberto Jose dos Santos is a gentle fighter for millions of Brazilian children who must make their way on the streets. Some of these street children live there; many more must earn their daily livelihood there by selling peanuts, helping people park their cars, or engaging in other menial tasks.

    Children in school uniforms seem to be on every Indonesian path and street, a daily reminder of the country's striking recent success in providing free, early elementary instruction almost everywhere. This success, however, is limited by the fact that most children, especially those from poor families, drop out during the first three or four years.

    Maurice Bazin is remedying a basic defect of Brazil's education system by popularizing science among the poor.

    Mary Allegretti has made it her life's work to conitnue the efforts of the late Chico Mendes to fight fo the rights of rubber tappers against those who would destroy the rainforest that serves as their source of income.

    Silvia dedicates her work to training teachers and other actors of public education in primary schools of early childhood education. With her work at Instituto Avisa Lá she built a continuous system of teacher training linked to student learning.