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Social Entrepreneurship

New video: Mobile Technology Inventions in Rural India: The Case for Building Business-Social Bridges

A great new video out of the Ashoka-Lemelson partnership. Ashoka-Lemelson Fellow Hilmi Quraishi and Microsoft partner to exchange knowledge, scale Hilmi's mobile inventions, and demonstrate the power of collaboration between the private and citizen sectors:

Ashoka Fellow Elizabeth Hausler: Haiti Earthquake Response

"It's not the earthquake that kills people, it's the building collapsing."

Creating Change: Innovations in the world of disability

The movement’s ultimate gift is that of enabling those it serves to be givers. And that can only mean helping them
become changemakers in a world defined by change.

Kuwaiti Sisters Lulwa & Balsam Al-Ayoub

Ashoka has just elected its first Kuwaiti Fellows: sisters Lulwa and Balsam Al-Ayoub (pictured above with other members of the Kuwaiti Olympic team). Both are professional fencers and use their status to support gender empowerment.

Winners of Changemakers GMO Competition Announced

Ashoka's Changemakers have just announced the winners, as voted by the community, of their competition looking at Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO’s), Risk or Reward: Helping Consumers Decide.

An Incredible Two Weeks for the Ashoka Fellowship

The last two weeks have been great ones for the Ashoka Fellowship. During this time a stunning number of Fellows have received a variety of accolades. We are thrilled that these visionary social entrepreneurs are being recognized by so many organizations. Awards are important for social entrepreneurs. They often come with resources vital to the ongoing success of their work. They raise the profile of their work, inspiring others to join their cause. And they sustain and inspire changemakers through the inevitable challenges and set-backs along their journey.