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Social Entrepreneurship

BNY Mellon, Ashoka Reveal 37 Social Innovators Driving Financial Wellbeing

As part of the nationwide Unlocking ₵hange Challenge, Ashoka and BNY Mellon have been searching the United States for innovations that actively increase financial wellbeing for the communities and individuals who need it most. The goal of the competition is to uncover and identify ideas, programs and organizations founded by visionary entrepreneurs based on the needs of communities across the country.  

[Seats are fully booked. No further registrations. Do follow us on our Facebook page for further details about the event.]

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Convocatoria Ashoka Fellows 2019

Convocatoria 2019
Source: Blandine Paris

Ashoka es la mayor red global de emprendedores sociales. Desde su creación hace 35 años hemos apoyado a más de 3,500 emprendedores sociales en 80 países. Más de 250 de ellos son parte de nuestra región en México, Centroamérica y el Caribe. Si quieres ser parte de esta red, lee con cuidado esta información y aplica antes del 15 de agosto.



Purpose - The Guiding Star

The journey of any social entrepreneur can be difficult, both emotionally and physically, and problems can sometimes seem insurmountable. They constantly need to revisit their purpose and reconnect with the reason that they committed their lives to solving the problem they identified. Our Fellows Mark Swift, Karen Mattison and Michael Sani discuss in the clips we are posting today the purpose that drives them, that keeps them going through thick and thin.

Vision - A Social Entrepreneur's Starting Point

A vision is the starting point of any enterprise - social or otherwise. It is a dream, but with a plan to make it happen. A social entrepreneur has a vision of what society would look like if the problem they have identified has been solved. That might be a society where the oceans are clear of plastics, everyone has equal access to healthcare, mental illness is no longer stigmatised or young people’s voices are heard. The social entrepreneur’s idea - and the organisation they build around that idea - is their route to making their vision a reality.