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Social Entrepreneurship

Interview with Hanne Melin

Hanne Melin is part of a small team at eBay focused on exploring and understanding the future of commerce. Her work involves talking to policy makers, academics and others and getting them excited about a future where new models of commerce are empowering small businesses to thrive. Hanne has joined CircularFutures as a participant and talks to Jim Playfoot about her experiences at the launch event in Amsterdam.

Hanne Melin finds system change compelling. By being part of CircularFutures, she feels she’s come to the right place.

5º Congresso Todos Juntos Contra o Câncer reúne os principais líderes da Oncologia em São Paulo

Dos dias 25* a 27 de setembro, em São Paulo, acontecerá o 5º Congresso Brasileiro Todos Juntos Contra o Câncer. O objetivo será discutir a Política Nacional de Prevenção e Controle do câncer, salientando os desafios para sua implementação nos 296 hospitais públicos que atendem pacientes com câncer no país.

Aproximadamente 3.500 líderes do seguimento participarão, entre eles: gestores, médicos, profissionais da saúde, sociedades científicas, ongs, ativistas, advogados e jornalistas atuantes na Oncologia.

Ashoka Scandinavia welcomes Oskar Blakstad as a new Fellow

Oskar Blakstad from Norway, founder of Explorable AS/Assisted Self-Help, was elected as a Fellow in 2018.

Building a Movement for Dalit Rights: A Conversation with Christina Dhanaraj

Christina Thomas Dhanaraj is part of a community of Indian activists who are speaking truth to power against caste-based violence and discrimination. Many of these voices have stormed the bastions of establishment media and are engaged in asking critical questions about the pervasiveness of casteism in all aspects of life.

Solidários - O efeito dos bancos comunitários na sociedade

Quando a Ashoka inclui um empreendedor social na sua rede mundial reconhece a capacidade dessa pessoa para produzir mudanças sistêmicas em determinados setores da sociedade com abrangência ao menos nacional.


“An inclusive society has the power to change perspectives about established norms and standards. Once you have experienced inclusion, you understand it”


Le parcours et l'engagement de Matthieu Dardaillon dans Carenews

Porté depuis toujours par la volonté d'être utile, Matthieu Dardaillon raconte dans Carenews son chemin personnel d'entrepreneur.

BNY Mellon, Ashoka Name Finalists of the Unlocking ₵hange Challenge

As part of the nationwide Unlocking ₵hange Challenge, Ashoka and BNY Mellon have been searching the United States for innovations that actively increase financial wellbeing for the communities and individuals who need it most. The goal of the Challenge is to uncover and identify ideas, programs and organizations founded by visionary entrepreneurs based on the needs of communities across the country.  

L'impact du changement climatique sur les océans

Au micro d'Eric Delvaux, la #FellowAshoka fondatrice de Bloom  alerte l'auditoire sur ses conséquences dramatiques sur les océans : "avec la hausse des températures, les courants sont modifiés, avec un impact désastreux sur les ressources marines dans les zones déjà en difficulté." Claire Nouvian a reçu en 2018 le

Mental Health Care is Helping Children with Cancer Live Better

Charm Mercado is a thin and rather shy man in his early twenties. He uses two crutches, having lost his leg a decade ago to osteosarcoma, a cancerous tumor in the bone.

Growing up with cancer, Mercado used to have constant resentment toward the people around him. He believed the world was unfair. He found himself constantly cursing at God, his doctors and nurses, out of frustration.