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Social Entrepreneurship

The Future is Now: Lessons from Future Forward: Innovations for Youth Employment in Africa

For more than six years, Future Forward, an initiative between Ashoka and the Mastercard Foundation identified and supported social entrepreneurs and young changemakers with innovative solutions for youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa. We elected 25 Ashoka Fellows across the continent, held a Globalizer Summit to help some of those Fellows scale their impact. We hosted an online challenge for African youth changemakers, curated an online course on the Future of Work, and hosted ecosystem events to bring together key players.

„Social Entrepreneurship – Behind the Scenes“

Am 16. Januar startete das RKW Kompetenzzentrum die Veröffentlichung der Videoreihe „Social Entrepreneurship – Behind the Scenes“. Insgesamt acht inspirierende Gründer*innen und Gründerteams von ganz besonderen Unternehmen werden im Rahmen von Kurzportraits über ihre unternehmerischen Leistungen und die Motivation dahinter sprechen. Entstanden ist die Videoreihe in Kooperation mit dem Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (SEND) und der Impactfilmagentur forStory.

Emerging Insights 2018: Introduction

Introducing Ashoka's 2018 Emerging Insights report, showcasing the work of Fellows elected in 2018 who are solving the world most pressing issues.

Conor Bohan

Help apoya a jóvenes que tienen un promedio escolar alto a nivel secundaria por medio de becas universitarias, vivienda gratuita y programas de formación integral. 

Peter Bloom

Con su organización Rhizomática, Peter encabeza un movimiento para que las comunidades rurales de México posean sus propios servicios de telecomunicaciones de manera sostenible a través de la telefonía móvil.


The Ashoka U Exchange is more than just a convening - it's a powerful in-person gathering that influences thousands of educators and university leaders to change the way they bring social impact and changemaking to the forefront of the student experience - in the classroom, in communities, and across the entire institution.

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Quelle vision de l’"entrepreneur social" derrière la sélection des Fellows Ashoka ?

« Pourquoi Ashoka a choisi de soutenir ces entrepreneurs en particulier ? » est une question que l’on nous pose souvent.

Emerging Insights 2018: Science and Technology

It can sometimes feel that support for science is at risk as a distrust of academic institutions and big data abound. Numerous institutions and organizations are calling for scientists to integrate their scientific focus on practical solutions to solve pressing problems. Scientists are already taking up the charge - moving beyond their labs to engage in the public debate to advocate for truth in an age of disinformation, but even more are needed to ensure that scientific evidence remains the foundation on which we build knowledge.