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Every Child Practicing Empathy

A plataforma do Movimento de Inovação na Educação já está no ar!

Você já pode acessar a nova plataforma do Movimento de Inovação na Educação para se informar e compartilhar sobre iniciativas inovadoras de educadores e instituições ao redor do Brasil. Esse espaço virtual faz parte de uma série de estratégias para fortalecer esse movimento, que hoje reúne especialistas, escolas e organizações educativas de todo o país que transformam a educação por meio da inovação.


Het doel bestaat erin naschoolse programma’s opnieuw uit te vinden om de brug te slaan tussen het samen leren kennen, leren doen, leren zijn en leren leven. AlterEducs helpt scholen bij het integreren van informele en zinvolle leeractiviteiten voor kinderen zodat ze bewuster, empathischer en beter geïnformeerd zijn over het gemeenschapsleven.


Mise à échelle d’un modèle extrascolaire, qui intègre une palette variée d’activités d’apprentissage informel et qui ont du sens : éducation à la citoyenneté, formation à la médiation par les pairs, connexion à la nature et à l’écologie, etc., mis en place par une équipe d’éducateurs de qualité !


The aim is to reinvent afterschool programs to create the bridge between learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together. AlterEducS helps schools integrate non-formal and meaningful learning activities for children helping them become more aware, empathic and knowledgeable about community living. The program combines a wide range of activities supported by a team of in-school education experts, at a lower price and more meaningful for the children.

Actualités : nos actions à Lyon

Pourquoi Lyon et sa métropole ?

Lyon est un territoire pionnier de l'innovation publique et entrepreneuriale. En tant que 1ère métropole étudiante de France et 1ère ville attractive pour les cadres, Lyon était un terrain propice à l'innovation éducative.






STREETSMART, l’application qui accélère l’intégration des enfants des rues

Au lieu d’amener les enfants vivant dans la rue à l’école, il fait venir l’école à eux en équipant les organisations locales de dispositifs pédagogiques innovants. Arnoud Raskin est un entrepreneur social qui s’engage pour que chaque enfant ait les mêmes chances d’intégration.


"From the outset, our end-goal was one of culture change. People woke up and realized they were in relationships only with people that looked like them and believed in the things they believed. They wanted to break out of that, but didn’t know how. So we decided to stage an intervention."

David Brooks: What girls and women get right about empathy and connection

A study at the University of Michigan in 2010 found that college students were 40 percent less empathetic than they were in the 1980s.

The good news is that, . . . many people, including many feminists, are figuring out practically how to teach empathy.

One of the authors in “The Crisis of Connection” is Mary Gordon, who founded the Roots of Empathy project. Once a month, a parent and an infant visit a classroom of children and sit on a green blanket. The children gather around them to talk about what the infant is doing.