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There are three core components to our "New Way of Organizing" strategy: 

  1. Accelerate Hybrid Value System Entrepreneurs
    There is a critical mass of Ashoka Fellows who are currently reshaping industries and pioneering new models of fluid, open teams of teams. We will mobilize this community to collaborate toward the vision of a changemaker economy, and we will identify and elect new Ashoka Fellows who are developing pattern-changing models that will allow more hybrid value systems to emerge.  
  2. Strategically Transform Management
    Ashoka is identifying leading management innovators and networks of managers who are ready to help lead this transformation in how we organize. This initiative will collaborate with these innovators and managers to develop and showcase the new way of organizing. By working with these model innovators, and other partners of the initiative, we seek to inspire and enable other managers and leaders to support their individual team members’ growth in changemaking capacity, and help the entire institution transition to a new role where it is becoming a changemaking force for good.  

    We are a network of entrepreneurs, not a consulting firm. Therefore, we are less focused on providing support services ourselves, but rather are working to create a market for the interventions needed to make this transition and help the providers of these services become ready for the growing demand. Ashoka’s team, working directly with corporations, is the R&D branch of this initiative where we pilot the kinds of services and experiences that help leaders and teams transition to the new way of organizing for a world in which everyone is a changemaker.  
  3. Change the Conversation
    Changing the entire mainstream management practice from being a hierarchical, siloed paradigm to one that allows changemaking in fluid teams is not something that can be accomplished by one small group. It demands all of us. Ashoka seeks to catalyze a shift in mindset across society, helping anyone trying to design a team, an impact strategy, or a business model to understand how to operate boldly and effectively in today's rapidly changing world.