Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 1994
    This description of Runa Khan's work was prepared when Runa Khan was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1994.
    Runa Doja has developed a series of "user-friendly" goal-oriented textbooks to replace the ossified rote learning methods employed in the Bangladeshi school system. The text books, which emphasize critical thinking and self-directed learning, have been instrumental in significantly improving student performance.
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    • 4.2 million people have access to Friendship’s health services • Friendship’s education programme benefits 15,800 households in 5 districts • Friendship’s Disaster Management teams are active in 47 communities covering 162,000 people •The Good Governance Programme is active in 21 Chars hosting 70,000 people •Friendship provides Sustainable Economic Developments services through its 3 operating entities Looking ahead, the education program is working with computer based offline learning that uses curriculum based videos. Work is under way to establish six static clinics and a fifty bed land hospital in remote locations of southern coastal belt by 2017. The programs on agriculture, disaster management, good governance, etc. will also continue growing to reach out to more people.

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