Ashoka Fellow
United States
Fellow Since 2007
Community Solutions

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    This description of Rosanne Haggerty's work was prepared when Rosanne Haggerty was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2007.
    Rosanne Haggerty is working to end homelessness by housing the chronically homeless and convincing governments and developers to commit to large-scale projects that serve as models for public policy. Common Ground identifies the chronically homeless within their communities and then works to finance an effective alternative housing system. Rosanne has created over 1,800 housing units and another 3,000 are in development. Together they represent a variety of forms, settings and support arrangements that can respond to the range of individual circumstances and needs encountered among the homeless. This focused strategy lifts vulnerable people out of homelessness, dramatically reduces the presence of homeless people living in public spaces, and in the process reduces the demand on emergency services and redirects resources to where they belong: Creating additional supported housing to end homelessness.
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