Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2013
    This description of Mary Delano's work was prepared when Mary Delano was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2013.
    Mary is empowering rural communities to better their physical, psychological, and financial health. By using an integrative development model with a focus on female empowerment, the organization employs scientific research to promote the consumption and supply of local products. Mary is using amaranth, a plant endemic to Mexico with high nutritional content, to join these elements together in a holistic and innovative initiative.
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    The rural communities who already grow amaranth are improving their nutrition, health and living conditions. The sponsors formed by MTA become agents for change who manage the provision of support, organize events, promote and supervise the cultivation and self-consumption of amaranth in their own communities and implement programs designed by MTA. We aim to complete the amaranth production line in Querétaro, and aim to ensure that their efforts, mission and vision are followed where needed. Amaranth could help eradicate malnutrition, generate hope, enlighten the fields with work, colour and profit and it would improve health and construct a virtuous collaborative culture between all sectors of society.

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