Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2015
Individual Alejandro Marius
    This description of Alejandro Marius's work was prepared when Alejandro Marius was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2015.
    Alejandro Marius breaks the vicious cycle of poverty through his organization Trabajo y Persona (Work and People). He promotes the development of entrepreneurs’ abilities and their training in offices for productive work. He makes an impact on excluded women and youngsters who don’t work or study and who don’t have any opportunities of overcoming their situation. Alejandro develops an ecosystem linking these Training Centers with enterprises to create an inclusive business model to strengthen their sustainability. Through his own methodology called Emprender 360, which innovatively trains facilitators from Training Centers on different offices to give their students the opportunity to empower themselves in entrepreneurship and self-employment, with opportunities that make a difference by having a job that stops poverty and gets them away of crime, earlier pregnancy, imprisonment and death.
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