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Join the Ashoka Support Network

Ashoka Support Network (ASN) members pledge to contribute a minimum amount to Ashoka over a three-year period, which allows ample time for their work with Ashoka Fellows to bear fruit. ASN members bring their experience, resources, and personal networks to collaborations with Fellows, who in turn receive key advice, connections, and access to capital that will help scale their system-changing ideas.

“Ashoka Support Network . . . brings a passion and enthusiasm that is just as important as expertise and funding. Ultimately that's what keeps social entrepreneurs going. My time at the ASN annual meeting last year was fantastic, an experience that would be great to do again to build on a number of relationships.”

                                  – Madison Ayer, Ashoka Fellow, Kenya, CEO, Farm Shop, Ashoka Globalizer participant

Do you want to effect real, lasting change through the work of a leading social entrepreneur? To learn more about opportunities with the Ashoka Support Network in your country click the Get in Touch button below.

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Become an Executive in Residence

Are you are a senior executive, head of leadership development, or responsible for talent development initiatives at your company? If so, and you are eager to expose your organization’s leadership to social entrepreneurs who are solving the problems your stakeholders care about, click on the Get In Touch Button below. We will work with your Company to develop innovative programs to create more agile and globally minded leaders, increase employee retention, and ultimately develop innovative insights into your critical business objectives.

Are you not a senior executive or Human Resources representative, but would like to see the EiR program become a part of your organization's leadership development offering? We encourage you to still get in touch with us using the form below to learn more about how your organization can get involved. In the meantime, please consider other ways to get involved with Ashoka and its world-class network.

Wonder what this program looks like in action? Here’s a glimpse into their experiences:

As the vice president of key initiatives at Western Union, Bassem Awada collaborated with Ashoka Fellow Marlon Parker and his organization R-Labs to scale-up a youth currency program in South Africa. The program is designed to reward youth in their community for acts of citizenry, allowing them to “bank” these rewards on a mobile phone platform and then redeem this social currency at local vendors. In two weeks time, Bassem worked with the R-Labs team to develop a plan to significantly scale-up the program, and increase the number of young people and vendors involved. In the first four months since his placement ended in November 2015, R-Labs was able to increase their youth participation by more than 100 percent (7,000 youth are now participating), and grow from 10 small business vendors to having 35 who now accept the currency.

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Ashoka is working toward an Everyone a Changemaker world where anyone can access their power to contribute to the good of all by helping propel creative solutions to the world’s most difficult challenges. As an Ashoka volunteer, you can tap into your own changemaking power by using your unique talents and skills to help scale the impact of Ashoka Fellows, global staff, and others within the Ashoka network around the world.

You can find current volunteer opportunities on the Ashoka-LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace, where you can also submit your volunteer application for the opportunity that seems the best fit for your interests and skills. Here are some of the types of opportunities you might find there:

“In my ten years of connecting volunteers and Ashoka staff and Fellows, I have seen exciting collaborations ranging from enhancing media strategies to enacting strategic alignment with global best practices to even affecting national policy changes. And there have been countless volunteers who have translated documents, researched important markets, designed materials for scaling, analyzed impact, and built systems that can sustain growing organizations in country after country. Ashoka volunteers bring us their drive, commitment and talent however and wherever they contribute and we are forever grateful for their generosity!”

                                                                – Beth Inabinett, Global Venture and Fellowship Team

To learn more about volunteering with Ashoka, check out our Frequently Asked Questions for volunteering and our Volunteer Checklist.


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