The Globalizer is working to help change the system. Founded in 2010, it is an Ashoka initiative that supports social entrepreneurs to spread their impact more broadly and efficiently by helping them strengthen and deepen their vision for systemic and frame change. The social entrepreneurs participating in the program are encouraged to reflect on the strategies and the leadership skills they need to generate widespread impact in a world characterized by constant change. 


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2018 Globalizer: Accelerating Healthcare Access

Across the world, many individuals and communities lack access to high quality and affordable healthcare, caused for example by the remoteness of their community, lack of means to pay for healthcare support, by culture, conflict or other causes. Recognizing the need to increase healthcare access for disadvantaged communities, social entrepreneurs are creating new, visionary solutions aimed to provide suitable healthcare services and in certain cases eventually even transform healthcare systems to increase the healthcare available to people and communities.

2017 Globalizer: Economic Inclusion in Latin America

Building on the success of the last Globalizer on Economic Inclusion in Latin America we lauched the 3rd round on this critical topic. Once again Ashoka partnered with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Hystra and CAF to support social entrepreneurs in Latin America working for economic inclusion. 

2017 Globalizer: Fabric of Change

"We believe fashion has the power to improve the lives of the men and women behind our clothes.We believe fashion can be a force for good. Our mission is to transform the industry to make that happen."

2016 Globalizer: Youth Empowerment

Fossil Foundation invests in social entrepreneurs whose innovations unleash the potential of underserved young people. They seek to fuel the fires of the world’s most creative problem solvers and support them as they reinvent the very systems that created today’s most pressing problems.  

2016 Globalizer: Health and Lighting

Philips Foundation seeks to identify global challenges where the innovation capabilities of Philips and expertise of partners, visionaries and innovators can be combined to create lasting impact [See video summary here]. Both Philips Foundation and Ashoka believe in the power of collaboration and its ability to mobilize expertise, innovation and impact.    

2016 Globalizer: Re-imagine Learning

Can play time change the world? 

Ashoka and the LEGO Foundation believe in the need to re-imagine learning and in the importance of play as the best way for children to develop critical skills to engage them as creative changemakers. 

2015 Globalizer: Education Technology

Ashoka and World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of Qatar Foundation, believe that one of the best ways to sustainably change the world is to support people who create innovations designed to address concrete challenges, inspiring people to be problem-solvers. Ashoka and WISE are combining their respective assets and launching this partnership to support the development and scaling of education technology solutions led by social entrepreneurs.

2015 Globalizer: Economic Inclusion in LATAM

Building on the success of the 1st Globalizer on Economic Inclusion in Latin America we launched the 2nd round on this critical topic. Once again Ashoka has partnered with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) to support social entrepreneurs in Latin America working for economic inclusion.

2015 Globalizer: Youth Employment

The Globalizer Summit on Youth Employment in Africa convened in Capetown/South Africa on February 12-14 2015. 

Ashoka has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to support social entrepreneurs in Africa working on innovations for youth employment. The Globalizer Summit in South Africa will bring together Ashoka Fellows with scalable innovations for youth employment on February 12-14 in Capetown.

2014 Globalizer: Economic Inclusion in LATAM

This Globalizer Summit convened in Bogota, Colombia on November 7th – 9th, 2014.

Ashoka partnered with the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) to support social entrepreneurs in Latin America working for economic inclusion. The Globalizer Summit in Colombia brought together Ashoka Fellows with globally scalable innovations for poverty alleviation. These ideas are market-driven, have proven track records and involve entire communities to alleviate poverty.

2014 Globalizer: Participative Journalism

The Participative Journalism Globalizer Summit was held in Bonn, Germany from June 28th-29th, 2014.

Sixteen Ashoka fellows worldwide, all innovators in the journalism field, met to discuss how media can be used to enable citizens to advance their own lives and society. Information access is opening up in many areas, creating a great potential for social impact. At the Globalizer, these social entrepreneurs explored how new developments and innovations in media can be tapped to drive broader and more effective civic participation, with a strong focus on social and mobile media.

2014 Globalizer: Economic Inclusion

The Economic Inclusion Globalizer Summit was held in Chennai/India from February 28th to March 2nd 2014.

In addition to helping 20 of Ashoka’s leading Fellows from around the world in the field of Economic Inclusion to strengthen their strategies to scale their impact far more broadly and enabling the right connections to implement those strategies, the Summit itself was a great opportunity to spread the message that everyone can be a changemaker.

The below points provide a sense of what happened and why we are so excited about it.

2013 Globalizer: Media Innovation

We are witnessing an explosion of innovation in the media realm, as entrepreneurs seize on massive technological disruption and rapidly changing market demands. The Globalizer on Media Innovation seeks to accelerate the impact of the most innovative solutions, informing them about financing mechanisms and critical strategic resources.

2013 Globalizer: Inclusion

The disability challenge

2013 Globalizer: Nutrients for All

Connecting Social Entrepreneurial Innovations along the Nutrient Value Chain

The challenge: broken nutrient value chains

2012 Globalizer Summit Munich

Ashoka identified digital innovations for solving social problems that are ready for rapid global growth.

For example:

2011 Vienna Summit

At the Vienna Globalizer Summit 2011, 15 selected Ashoka Fellows from around the world came together with another 15 global social and business entrepreneurs to explore the future of scaling social innovation. Prior to the Summit, the Globalizer team connected these Fellows with Ashoka Support Network members and McKinsey consultants, forming teams to develop solid strategies to scale the Fellows’ social innovations globally.

2011 Stockholm Summit

The Globalizer Summit got off to a great start yesterday, with 80 participants focused on scaling social impact coming together to help create the architecture for the rapid spread of successful social solutions. We focused especially on new pathways to scale, in particular the roles of open source innovation and the use of smart networks in growing social impact. The conversations and debates were lively and engaged in difficult questions.

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