The stories in the collection below will remind you how magical the Ashoka Fellows are, and demonstrate the impacts of Ashoka’s changing the framework of how society sees the world. Three of the stories are from the Muslim world, and a fourth tells the story of an American who has turned truckers into fierce allies in the fight against human trafficking. We hope that the stories in this collection inspire you to support the important work of Ashoka and its fellows.

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Dear Friends of Ashoka

Dear Friends of Ashoka,

Ashoka needs your help, if at all possible before its fiscal year ends August 31 (to help with a match challenge). Ashoka could double the number of Fellows it elects in six months if it had the resources. And it needs your help if it is to help society see and seize the historic turning point now before us.

Truckers Take The Wheel In Effort To Halt Sex Trafficking

Kylla Lanier and Kendis Paris co-founded Truckers Against Trafficking a few years ago. It dawned on them that truckers would be great allies.

"Trafficking happens everywhere," Lanier says. "It's happening in homes, in conference centers, at schools, casinos, truck stops, hotels, motels, everywhere. You know, it's an everywhere problem, but truckers happen to be everywhere."

And these days TAT stickers, wallet cards and posters — showing a phone number for a sex trafficking hotline — are becoming ubiquitous in the trucking industry.

What does "change maker" mean?

"Change maker," the term Bill Clinton used repeatedly to characterize his wife and nominee was probably an unfamiliar term to most in the convention hall and television audience, and not one familiar probably to most political journalists. But to those of us who spent time in the Yale Law School library, as I did (I graduated in 1969, before the Clintons arrived), it strikes a chord. It's the term used by Bill Drayton, Yale Law 1970, who founded and still heads Ashoka . . .

Muslim Leadership Stories

Roughly 23 percent of the world’s population, 1.6 billion people, is Muslim. Extending from Indonesia to the U.S. East Coast, they belong to the world’s fastest growing religion. The future of this community is being determined now, quietly but deeply, by its top social entrepreneurs.

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