After guiding and supporting our Fellows throughout the Ashoka Globalizer Program, our social entrepreneurs spread their impact more broadly and efficiently by fostering a systemic and frame change. The social entrepreneurs participating in the program were able to reflect on the strategies and the leadership skills and to generate widespread impact in a world characterized by constant change. 


How To Create System Change As A Social Entrepreneur?

Insights from Odin Mühlenbein, the lead of advisory of Ashoka Globalizer. ​

Systems Change in a Polarized Country

A growing number of US foundations are adopting practices based on systems change to achieve their goals in the current political environment.

EspeRare gains rights to relaunch late stage development for XLHED

Caroline Kant - participating Ashoka fellow to 2016 Health and Lighting Globalizer Program - annouced this week a pivotal partnership between  EspeRare and Edimer Pharmaceuticals Inc. Caroline as founder and CEO of EspeRare conveyed this successful partnership as an essential  opportunity to continue the development of ER-004, an innovative therapy for X-linked Hy

Hilmi Quraishi shares his story with the Hindu Business Line

Hilmi Quraishi - Ashoka Fellow participating in the 2018 Globalizer on Accelerating Healthcare Access - founded ZMQ in 1999 in India. This software development system uses modern mobile technology to spread accessible healthcare messages to the population. The idea was developed to tackle HIV/AIDS which is not only a health calamity but also an economic burden affecting the productivity of the Indian society itself. 

Gastromotiva receives $1.5 to build the Social Gastronomy Movement

With an emphasis on culinary skills, David Hertz - Ashoka Fellow from 2011 - offers a program for personal and professional development among marginalized young people from the favelas, enabling them to join the working world and even become entrepreneurs in their communities.

Experiences in Scaling Up Impact from the Ashoka Globalizer Program

Why don’t great ideas that are useful and working effectively to solve some of the most pressing social challenges, “travel” as well as business ideas do? Why aren’t they able to scale to solve similar social challenges happening in other parts of the world?

What is preventing our Ashoka fellows from scaling their work better and faster? With this question in mind, in 2009 we launched the Ashoka Globalizer Program to find the answer and potential solutions.

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