Driven to seek the most powerful way to engage the market to improve the quality and character of people's lives, we've been learning from leading social entrepreneurs on the ground around the world. This is leading us to develop a radically different view of the market. We call it Economic Architecture.

It is not enough to ask: How do we create profit to support our impact? Or even: How do we create impact while generating profit?

We need to ask: How do we change the market so the pursuit of profit creates the greatest impact? 

To find the most powerful answers, we need to support a new wave of innovations that shift the market to align profit and impact.


Developing Economic Architecture: What We Learned When We Challenged Ourselves to Start Over and Search for the Most Powerful Way to Harness the Power of the Market

Once we started to realize the importance of this approach, we started to recognize examples within Ashoka’s global Fellowship of over 3,000 social entrepreneurs in over 80 countries around the world.

Advancing Economic Architecture: How We're Working

A different way of thinking - a framework change - is necessary to truly build momentum behind this paradigm imperative that we believe necessary to overcome the failures in the market.

Shifting The Market / Aligning Profit and Impact, SOCAP 2015

How do we engage the market to improve people’s lives?

The Power of Market-Based Innovations

Stuart Yasgur, a leader in the field of social innovation, with Noura Ismail, argues that market forces can be harnessed to solve seemingly intractable social challenges.

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