The Ashoka Journal is a collection of alternative perspectives on contemporary issues taken from across our network. In conversation with leading academics, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and educators we consider how 'changemakers' approaches could shape current crises, from the climate change to poverty.

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Lessons on Leadership: In Conversation with Richard Collier-Keywood, Global Vice-Chairman of PwC

Ashoka’s Meera Patel met with Richard Collier-Keywood, Global Vice Chairman of PwC to discuss leadership in a changing world and how to build purpose and values in organisations.

Meera Patel (MP): PwC’s mission is quoted as ‘to build trust in society and solve important problems’. I just wanted to start by asking you what it means to build trust?

Politics in the wake of Brexit: In Conversation with Stephen Kinnock, MP

Ashoka UK’s Meera Patel caught up with Labour MP Stephen Kinnock to discuss building a constructive politics in the wake of the vote to leave the EU.

Meera Patel (MP): What are the implications of Brexit for young people?

Surviving in the Modern World: In conversation with Sir Ken Robinson


Ross Hall (RH): What skills are essential for humanity to thrive in the modern world?

Scotland and England – a different value base for social entrepreneurship?

When I was visiting London recently from my home town, Edinburgh, someone asked me if Scotland and England were now completely different places?

How do you unite a divided nation? You put young people in charge


As chaos consumed the UK in the aftermath of the European referendum, questions of leadership and economics dominated the political landscape. With a rapidly crashing economy and deep uncertainty, everyone from politicians, academics to business leaders were forecasting, debating and analysing. But behind the scenes (until now) there was one major demographic working to find a way forward: young people.

AI, Big Data and the Future of Your Classroom- In Conversation with Priya Lakhani, founder of CENTURY

Ashoka UK’s Meera Patel sat down with Priya Lakhani Founder and CEO of Century Tech to discuss what education looks like from the perspective of a tech startup.

Meera Patel:How do you view the education system today?

A New League of ‘Barefoot Lawyers’ Will Transform Justice in the Next 15 Years

For the average person, a lawyer may conjure up the image of a professional in a buttoned-down jacket straight out of the legal drama Suits.

Meet the social entrepreneurs who are defining the future of healthcare

There is a global crisis in healthcare; the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one billion people lack access to basic care, and a further 100 million are pushed into poverty trying to access it.

A school with a no punishment and no reward approach

Can you imagine a primary school where no child is punished, and teachers do not raise their voices in anger? Can you imagine a step further – a primary school where children are not rewarded for good behaviour or good marks?

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