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#LeadYoung - Matine Khalighi: Turning empathy into collective action for the good of all in Denver, Colorado

Changemakers embody a new form of leadership needed in our rapidly changing and complex world.  Rather than one person leading and others following, today’s new leadership enables everyone to participate through fluid, open collaboration so that everyone can contribute. Matine’s story shows how a group of empathetic young peers learned how to identify a problem, build a team, and implement a solution. Together they are helping other young people realize their power as changemakers.

Aldana Di Costanzo: "Quería acompañar a los chicos en duelo a resignificar su vida"

Aldana Di Costanzo tenía seis años cuando su papá, Gerardo, falleció de cáncer; y 19 cuando su padrastro, Francisco, murió por un aneurisma en la aorta. "Las dos muertes fueron repentinas. Si bien mi papá tenía cáncer desde que yo tenía un año, estaba en un período que se llama de libre enfermedad. Se murió a las seis de la tarde y hasta las cuatro había estado durmiendo la siesta con él", dice Aldana, que hoy tiene 36.

EIR Lessons in Perspective: An insight into the EIR experiences of Western Union executives Emmanuel and Terry

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Building Partnerships: A Conversation with Ashoka Fellow Mohammad Al-Ubaydli and Boehringer Ingelheim Executive Joseph Chalil

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is the founder of Patients Know Best (PKB), a technology platform that allows patients to securely view their medical records and share their information with other doctors and family members, giving individual patients easy access to and control over their medical data. Dr. Joseph Chalil, a Physician and Executive at the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, worked alongside Mohammad and his team through the Executive in Residence program to help PKB build strategic partnerships in the US and develop a strategy to scale their operations to new markets.

3 Reasons Volunteering with a Social Innovator is Uniquely Compelling

International volunteering evokes images of the Peace Corps. That more than 1,000 Peace Corps volunteers have written books about their experience leaves no doubt that international service impacted them deeply.