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Community Greens Communities

Ashoka's Community Greens helps residents, government leaders, and citizen sector organizations come together to develop incentives and policies that catalyze the development of these new urban com [...]

Chandlers Yard: Baltimore, MD

A few homeowners in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore have discovered that they can enjoy all the amenities of city living without the usual anonymity or lack of green space. Hidden behind eleven narrow row houses, Chandlers Yard is a tree-shaded courtyard carved out of the backyards of surrounding homes. Here, the neighbors of Chandlers Yard are assured a pleasant green view from their homes and private yards. It is a quiet place, perfect for reading the morning paper and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Montgomery Park: Boston, MA

On summer evenings, the glow of candlelight illuminates the lush plantings of Montgomery Park, a third of an acre backyard shared by 85 households in Boston's South End neighborhood. This community green has become the heart of a diverse community of neighbors who have grown to be "the best of friends."

Alley Gating and Greening: The Baltimore Story and How CG Began

"I thought it was a great idea to gate [the alley] and to try to get people to look at it in a different way. At the time, I didn’t realize it, but afterwards I realized it was a great community-building project because you got to know your neighbors through the meetings or just knocking on their doors and asking them to donate money to buy the gates."

Why Should You Develop Community Greens in your City?

Whether they are incorporated into new developments or become part of the fabric of existing neighborhoods, community greens have a number of remarkable benefits both at an individual level and at the local, city level.

Individuals and their families benefit a lot from Community Greens which:

Artificial Intelligence, Health, and the Future of Human Agency

Dr. Stephen Friend, a globally acclaimed serial entrepreneur and biomedical researcher, talks about how the future of health could be a radical new model of health, augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) machines that begin to replace replace a doctor’s decision making, but counterbalanced by a community of support that promotes each patient’s power to make their own choices.