Intrapraneur, Venture and Administration
Adaoha Onyebuchi is an Entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Estate Management from the University of Lagos. In 2012 she joined Ashoka Anglophone West Africa as a volunteer, working as an Administrator and assisting in the search and selection of system changing social entrepreneurs. Prior to joining Ashoka she worked as an Estate Surveyor, maintaining High class Facilities and connecting prospective buyers to stakeholders. In 2014 she became a full staff with Ashoka, working as the Frame-Work Change leader. She observes the trends in the region and with the Understanding of the EACH, she applies this Frame by selecting Changemaker schools and mavens that help create the EACH world and help teams and partners move up the changemaking curve. She has a keen interest in young people and wellness. This vision earned her the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship award, for one of the outstanding entrepreneurial ideas in Africa.