Name Type Country Focus of Work Election Date Organization
Carlene  Firmin Fellow United Kingdom Children & Youth, At risk youth, Child abuse, Child care, Child protection 2018 Contextual Safeguarding Network
Zafer Elcik Fellow Turkey Early childhood development, Education / Learning, Children & Youth 2018 Otsimo
Paul Radu Fellow Romania Corruption, Journalism, Civic Engagement 2018 Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)
Florin Stoican Fellow Romania Economic development, Conservation / protection, Environment, Natural resource management, Development & Prosperity, Environment & Sustainability 2018 Asociația Kogayon
Dorica Dan Fellow Romania Health care, Disability rights, Health & Fitness, Human Rights & Equality 2018 Asociația Prader Willi din România
Sonia Ben Ali Fellow France Migration, Human Rights & Equality 2018 Urban Refugees
Nolwenn FEBVRE Fellow France Health care, Health & Fitness 2018 Les Ptits Doudous
Nicolas Detrie Fellow France Citizen / community participation, Civic Engagement 2018 Yes We Camp
Mesut Keskin Fellow Turkey Education / Learning, Children & Youth 2018 E-Bursum
Huriye Goncuoglu Fellow Turkey Capacity building, Rural development, Gender equity, Development & Prosperity, Human Rights & Equality 2018 Fisherwomen of Turkey
Mélanie Marcel Fellow France Development & Prosperity 2018 Soscience
Jakub Wygnański Fellow Poland 2018 Stocznia
Steve Miller Fellow United States Citizen / community participation, Spirituality, Racial equality, Intercultural relations, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality, Peace & Harmonious Relations 2018 The HBCU Truth & Reconciliation Oral History Project
Oriol Vilalta Fellow Spain Conservation / protection, Natural resource management, Rural, Environment & Sustainability 2018 Fundación Pau Costa
Gonzalo Fanjul Fellow Spain Media, Human rights, Civic Engagement, Human Rights & Equality 2018 porCausa