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Two More Great Posts in the NextBillion Special Series - And Exciting News about Tomorrow's #Socentchat!

The special series "Advancing Healthcare with the BoP" has continued on NextBillion and we are pleased to bring you two more great posts (as well as an exciting development in our #socentchat plans for tomorrow!).

A December Full of Gifts

December promised to be an eventful month with the activities planned at EHAS, the International Obstetric Fistula Working Group (IOFWG) meeting in Senegal and the holidays.  But fate intervened when the Spanish air traffic controllers decided to strike on the day of my flight, effectively cancelling my trip to Africa.  While extremely disappointed to miss the IOFWG meeting, I realized how valuable a surprise week of focus could be in terms of moving things forward.

Doing Research and Developing My Own Project

December began in the city of Oaxaca. I was there for 20 days doing micro research at the General Hospital “Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso”. The aim of this was to measure the impact of the ALSO course (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics).

Balancing the See-saw of Research and Interventions

I’m working more and more with a huge variety of people to set up SNEHA’s new community resource centers (CRC’s) in 20 slum areas of Mumbai. My days are filled with research group meetings looking at data from past projects and the government, concept meetings planning what interventions we will implement through the new CRC, focus group discussions with field staff working at the present CRC’s to share their experiences, and even more meetings with my CRC teammate to synthesize all our findings into one large useable piece.

Continuing to Work from Pakistan

The 3rd month of my project has been very busy. I am near to completing the training guidelines for traditional birth attendants, health workers and health activists that my mentor, Ashoka Fellow Lucy Attah Auwalu, has encouraged me to write.

A Family Joined, with English There is Easy Communication with Community

“Nancy, can you believe it?  I can say everything I want in English. There is no need anymore to try hard finding a word to convey my intent.”

I am very happy and proud of this achievement and thankful to Joyce fertility support centre group for their effort. The ability helps me speak out more easily. Now that we are forming our working group to assess community needs related to health I can interact more efficiently.

The Center for Health Market Innovations – Using Data to Improve Health Market Performance

The Center for Health Market Innovations, an initiative coordinated by Results for Development, is, in their own words, “a global network of partners that seeks to improve the functioning of health markets in developing countries with large numbers of private health care providers.”

Balancing the Bicycle

Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Giant Rats put Noses to Work on Africa's Land Mine Epidemic

Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens' organization, APOPO, trains HeroRats (giant pouched rats) to detect landmines in Africa. Bart is also employing their superb noses to detect tuberculosis. 

Meet Some Recently Elected RIF Fellows

Farouk Jiwa is establishing secure and sustainable ways to increase the income levels of rural farmers in East Africa. His organization, Honey Care Africa, is not just helping subsistence farmers supplement their income through beekeeping. Farouk has partnered with civil society organizations to provide alternative equity financing, and the result is a financially sustainable cycle of investments in community development.