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Supporting Health Outcomes with an Open Mind and an Open Source Approach

Last week we introduced the first in a series of interviews covering open source thinking over at Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), and today we're bringing you the second.

Paging Dr. Cell Phone

How mobile technology solutions are bringing affordable, quality health care to the most remote places in the world

Is it possible to provide high quality, low-cost health care to the neediest populations living in remote places? The answer is yes — and it lies in technology.

Ashoka’s Youth Venture and Best Buy Present Winners of the ‘Technology for a Better World’ Campaign

Ashoka’s Youth Venture, a global organization supporting youth social entrepreneurs, and Best Buy Co., Inc. are proud to present the five winners of the Technology for a Better World Campaign. The winners were recognized for their innovative contributions to public and community service at the prestigious Jefferson Awards in Washington, D.C. in May 2011.

My Journey to Hybrid Value Chain Enlightenment

This time last year, I was heading to business school to “gain the skills necessary to be great at doing good” – a lofty goal, but the true reason I was pursuing a business education. I knew my passion for social impact was unwavering; I just needed the tools to make it happen.

HealthPoint Services Wins Prestigious India Sankalp Award, Announces Investment by Fontus Water

Healthpoint Services Global, Inc., a social enterprise supported by Ashoka Innovators for the Public, has won the prestigious Sankalp Award for Innovative Social Enterprises - Emerging Ventures in the Health/Water/Sanitation sector for 2011. This award acknowledges HealthPoint as the most innovative and promising health-oriented social enterprise in India this year.

On My Own…by Anna Dion

My heart and mind are divided. I am now 8 months pregnant and on one hand, my body and soul are preparing for motherhood- with all of the ups and downs, worries and wonders of a (thankfully) low-risk pregnancy.

I see Bill Drayton as I see Mahatma Gandhi

As a physician working in the pediatric department in one of the larger public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, I understood that traditional medicine is not really effective because it does not treat the real cause of most diseases affecting poor people in the developing countries. The main cause is poverty.

Two More Great Posts in the NextBillion Special Series - And Exciting News about Tomorrow's #Socentchat!

The special series "Advancing Healthcare with the BoP" has continued on NextBillion and we are pleased to bring you two more great posts (as well as an exciting development in our #socentchat plans for tomorrow!).

A December Full of Gifts

December promised to be an eventful month with the activities planned at EHAS, the International Obstetric Fistula Working Group (IOFWG) meeting in Senegal and the holidays.  But fate intervened when the Spanish air traffic controllers decided to strike on the day of my flight, effectively cancelling my trip to Africa.  While extremely disappointed to miss the IOFWG meeting, I realized how valuable a surprise week of focus could be in terms of moving things forward.

Doing Research and Developing My Own Project

December began in the city of Oaxaca. I was there for 20 days doing micro research at the General Hospital “Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso”. The aim of this was to measure the impact of the ALSO course (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics).