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Ashoka Fellow Martin Aufmuth's One Dollar Glasses

Add up the cost of steel wire, polycarbonate lenses, heat shrink tubing, transportation, shipping, personnel management, and spare parts. For Martin Aufmuth’s Ein Dollar Brille (“One Dollar Glasses”), it equals less than $1 USD. This cost, however, is hardly reflective of the value someone suffering from myopia, short or farsightedness, gains with a perfectly fitted pair of glasses.

2018 Globalizer: Accelerating Healthcare Access

Across the world, many individuals and communities lack access to high quality and affordable healthcare, caused for example by the remoteness of their community, lack of means to pay for healthcare support, by culture, conflict or other causes. Recognizing the need to increase healthcare access for disadvantaged communities, social entrepreneurs are creating new, visionary solutions aimed to provide suitable healthcare services and in certain cases eventually even transform healthcare systems to increase the healthcare available to people and communities.

Benjamin Mousnier-Lompré, cofondateur d'Ipso Santé : aux petits soins des malades - L'Express

- Article écrit dans le cadre du partenariat entre Ashoka et L'Express à l'occasion de la soirée de présentation des Fellows Ashoka 2017 -

"Cet ancien consultant a créé à Paris un nouveau genre de cabinet médical qui repense le parcours santé au bénéfice des patients et des praticiens." 

Découvrez le portrait du Fellow Ashoka Benjamin Mousnier-Lompré  ! 

#LeadYoung - At 17, Gino Tubaro started transforming kids with disabilities into super heroes

At the age of 17, Gino Tubaro received a letter from a desperate mother. “Please make my boy, Felipe, a hand,” it said. “We cannot afford a prosthetic.” Gino had been inventing things since the age of 13. His own mother had taken him to science fairs and invention workshops, pushing him to follow his passion for technology.

"Where would I be if I only had one hand?” Gino acquired a 3D printer the year before and saw endless possibilities for his own future as an inventor. But Felipe’s hand soon became his obsession.

Dutch Social Health Landscape Innovation Report

Following up on the Social Impact Mapping Project  where Ashoka NL, in collaboration with PwC, provided an overview of the different innovators in the fields of Health Care, Circular Economy and Refugees in the Netherlands by visualising a part of the ecosystem a map through snowball sampling research. These areas are developing quite rapidly and in our opinion, are worth focusing on.

Meet the social entrepreneurs who are defining the future of healthcare

There is a global crisis in healthcare; the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one billion people lack access to basic care, and a further 100 million are pushed into poverty trying to access it.

Patient Knows Best

Changemaker Health Series - Case Study No. 1
Put patients in control of their healthcare through patient-owned and patient-managed data

Patients Know Best

UK |

The Shifting Role of Patients in Today’s Healthcare System: Introducing Changemaker Health

The health sector is undergoing an evolution in the role of the patient. Actors across the sector face a competitive necessity and market demand to create more open and participatory pathways for patients and customers to get involved in their own healthcare. The shift toward patient empowerment can be referred to as “changemaker health”.