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Meet the social entrepreneurs who are defining the future of healthcare

There is a global crisis in healthcare; the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one billion people lack access to basic care, and a further 100 million are pushed into poverty trying to access it.

Patient Knows Best

Changemaker Health Series - Case Study No. 1
Put patients in control of their healthcare through patient-owned and patient-managed data

Patients Know Best

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The Shifting Role of Patients in Today’s Healthcare System: Introducing Changemaker Health

The health sector is undergoing an evolution in the role of the patient. Actors across the sector face a competitive necessity and market demand to create more open and participatory pathways for patients and customers to get involved in their own healthcare. The shift toward patient empowerment can be referred to as “changemaker health”.

Carlos Atencio

Carlos Atencio – founder of Fundación Medicina Familiar – is responding to the failing healthcare system in Venezuela by introducing a new model of care, based on family practice medicine, and centered on community responsibility and participation.

Nourishing Schools in India

Ashoka and Swiss Re Foundation are partnering with schools to enable children to improve their own nutrition and that of their communities in India. In 2011 Ashoka and the Swiss Re Foundation started their journey on exploring how to improve the health status in India.

Retour sur Making More Health

Depuis 2010 Ashoka & Boehringer Ingelheim travaillent conjointement sur le projet Making More Health. Découvrez le dernier rapport annuel du partenariat.


Building Partnerships: A Conversation with Ashoka Fellow Mohammad Al-Ubaydli and Boehringer Ingelheim Executive Joseph Chalil

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is the founder of Patients Know Best (PKB), a technology platform that allows patients to securely view their medical records and share their information with other doctors and family members, giving individual patients easy access to and control over their medical data. Dr. Joseph Chalil, a Physician and Executive at the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, worked alongside Mohammad and his team through the Executive in Residence program to help PKB build strategic partnerships in the US and develop a strategy to scale their operations to new markets.

A Business Perspective on Scaling Impact at Healing Fields Foundation

For Healing Fields Foundation (HFF), hosting an Executive in Residence was a new experience that opened our minds to an international business environment and allowed us to look at our work from a strategic growth perspective.  We are now better able to approach our work in terms of how to optimize the efficiencies of our resources without compromising on the impact—an issue we struggled with as we faced the necessity of scaling our operation.

Watch: Four Young Entrepreneurs with "Three Minutes to Change the World"

These four young innovators, and their stories of change, have been captured in a new one-hour documentary on PBS, "Three Minutes to Change the World(brought to you by the Emmy Award-winning creators of "Bill Nye the Sciene Guy" and "Biz Kid$").