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Ashoka Scandinavia welcomes Oskar Blakstad as a new Fellow

Oskar Blakstad from Norway, founder of Explorable AS/Assisted Self-Help, was elected as a Fellow in 2018.

Asher Hasan offers New Life to Pakistan's Uninsured

Asher Hasan saw firsthand the devastating consequences of being uninsured in Pakistan. As in many Southeast Asian countries, health insurance is limited to the wealthy, excluding more than one-third of its 200 million people.

Martin Aufmuth's One Dollar Glasses

Add up the cost of steel wire, polycarbonate lenses, heat shrink tubing, transportation, shipping, personnel management, and spare parts. For Martin Aufmuth’s Ein Dollar Brille (“One Dollar Glasses”), it equals less than $1 USD. This cost, however, is hardly reflective of the value someone suffering from myopia, short or farsightedness, gains with a perfectly fitted pair of glasses.