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Conversation with Ashoka Globalizer Fellow Steve Collins

We recently spoke with Ashoka Fellow Steve Collins.  Steve is one of our Fellows from Ireland and also a 2010 Ashoka Globlizer Fellow.  Steve has revolutionized community-based therapeutic care of Severe Acute Malnutrition through ready-to-use food and more effective distribution.

Seeding Food Security

“Food security,” according to Ashoka Fellow Munyaradzi Saruchera, “is not having a lot of food on the shelves.” It’s about “seeding food security,”  he says, by reestablishing an interest in local and indigenous foods and building a network of seed banks in South Africa. Ashoka works with social entrepreneurs, supporting them financially and helping them become “changemakers.” Munyaradzi is working with urban households to both identify and conserve heirloom varieties of maize, peanut, sorghum, and other grains and vegetables.

Brad Pitt, Nietzsche and Crawfish Cravings

You could smell the spicy Creole stew from six blocks in every direction.  When we got to the corner where there was a makeshift cardboard sign touting "FREE crawfish boil" and a line of hungry New Orleaneans, the Crescent City had taken me into its arms.

Ashoka Arab World Director has a Message for the US and the Arab World

The Director of Ashoka Arab World, Dr. Iman Bibars, is currently participating in the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship hosted by President Barack Obama in Washington DC. She has just published an article on The Huffington Post outlining the messages she is taking to the Summit.

Ashoka debuts in Japan

In February 2010, Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton had a series of meetings in Tokyo, with 360 audience members at a University symposium, the Japanese Prime Minister (video), congressmen, and major media reporters.

Introducing the Ashoka Book Club: Up and Out of Poverty - The Social Marketing Solution

This will be the first of monthly book reviews from Ashoka staff, covering books which we have found relevant to our work. This first review is by Fransje de Waard who works with Ashoka in the Netherlands and is on Up and Out of Poverty - The Social Marketing Solution” by Philip Kotler and Nancy R. Lee.

Ashoka Plays Matchmaker to Businesses and Social Entrepreneurs

Mexican social entrepreneurs Carlos Cruz was admittedly suspicious of big business when a group from Danone SA sought his help training low-income women to sell yogurt on the street.

For six months, their teams met in neutral locations, hashing out how Cruz might adapt a life- and job-skills program he’d designed for his citizen sector group Cauce Ciudadano to make the vendors more productive.

Crowd Sourcing for Maternal Health

As mobile and web technologies become increasingly accessible to those living in remote poverty around the world, the potential to expand access to health care to underserved populations becomes ever more real.

Ashoka Fellow Elizabeth Hausler: Haiti Earthquake Response

"It's not the earthquake that kills people, it's the building collapsing."