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    EIR Lessons in perspective: A Conversation with EIR alumni Juan Loraschi


    For information about the Executive in Residence program visit the 

    2017 American Express Leadership Academy Emerging Innovators Bootcamps


    The American Express Leadership Academy Emerging Innovators Bootcamps gather 100 changemakers around the globe who are positively transforming comm

    Dear Jeff Bezos: Our Future Will Be Written By Long-Term Thinking

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    Ashoka Scandinavia 2014 Annual Report


    Ashoka Scandinavia's Annual Report offers statistics and insights on our work and impact in the region for 2014.

    Ashoka Scandinavia 2013 Annual Report


    Ashoka Scandinavias Annual Report 2013, where you can read more about the organization, Fellows, supporters, happenings and Inves

    Social Challenges in Scandinavia


    Together with McKinsey, Ashoka Scandinavia analyzed the local context in the region during 2012-2013 to find the most pressing so

    Idéer & Människor Som Förändrar Världen


    A brochure in Swedish providing a short introduction to Ashoka Scandinavia, including some of our Fellows. 

    How You Can Support The World Of Changemakers - Scandinavia


    How You Can Support The World Of Changemakers explains the different ways to financially engage in Ashoka Scandinavia. 

    Understanding the Impact of Social Entrepreneurs: Ashoka's Answer to the Challenge of Measuring Effectiveness


    The article begins with an overview of recent trends in social entrepreneurship and select milestones in performance measurement in the U.S.

    For over 25 years, Carmen has dedicated her life to ensuring that women at the base of the pyramid have access to the capital and support needed to transform their lives and improve their families’ standard of living. As the cofounder of ProMujer, a pioneer organization in the field of microfinance, Carmen has been a leader in the field of microfinance across Latin America.