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    Malgorzata Chmielewska, a Polish nun, is the founder of a project that provides shelter and respect for homeless women and their families. Her program seeks to reintegrate them into society and to increase public sensitivity to patterns that push some citizens to the fringes of the society.

    Rogelio Cova, one of the founding fathers of Mexico's PVO movement, is working to strengthen the weakest links in Mexico's emerging environmental movement: local government and community organizations.

    Julio Moure, working in the most underdeveloped area of Tabasco state in southern Mexico, is building (1) what promises to be Mexico's most successfully innovative school and (2) a web of closely interrelated community self-help health, nutrition, education, and development initiatives. Many of the individual elements and the overall approach should be useful models across the country.

    Malgorzata Klecka is combating women's alcohol abuse during pregnancy to prevent severe brain damage in newborn babies and the subsequent problems families encounter while raising Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) children.

    Heladio helps rural communities develop and adapt best practices in crop management, forestry, organic agriculture, wildlife preservation, and biological pest control that maintain the environment and allow people to still practice traditional hunting and agriculture.

    Larry Castanares is helping Mexicans appreciate the country's incredibly rich diversity of wildlife and vegetation, a necessary early step towards building a strong conservation movement.

    Jacek Schindler is working to make consumer packaging in Poland more environmentally friendly and is trying to increase the number of Polish recycling programs through a comprehensive public education and outreach campaign.

    Ehaab Abdou is engaging Egypt’s very large number of educated young people in meaningful social work. He welcomes budding leaders into a dynamic network that nurtures their talents and encourages the creation of innovative development projects.

    Javier Sanchez, a leader since he was a high school student in Puebla, has been developing a model approach to safeguarding poor slum children from becoming street children. He's now beginning to develop a complementary and also somewhat novel way of organizing efficient producer groups of area parents.

    Emilio Alvarez is helping to ensure that Mexico's commercial media are engaging with the country's current struggle for democracy. He does this by enabling citizen organizations to utilize the media, and each other, more effectively. In so doing, he is reshaping the field of "social communications" in Mexico.