changemaker: it's the economy stupid
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In response to Bill Clinton's now world famous proclamation that Hillary Clinton is the best darn changemaker he ever met, Yahoo National Political Columnist Matt Bai commented, "I find the whole phrase changemaking incredibly irritating because I don't know what it means. It sounds like someone at a bank doling out bills."


Ashoka Insight

This is the most important skill of our time because the most important issue of our time is that we are in a world defined by change. The world has already changed so profoundly that none of the current systems and institutions can handle it.


Bob Spoer is Chief Enterpreneur for People. A veteran of Silicon Valley search Spoer has recruited business and technical innovators globally for a number of Silicon Valley companies. In addition to LinkedIn, he has worked with Bloom Energy, Trimble and Teknekron. He began his search career with Spencer Stuart based in Hong Kong. “Recruiting for Good”, sponsored by the Linkedin for Good Foundation, enables teams of employees to “crowdsource” the best talent for key executive and technical roles for NGOs on a pro bono basis. It has shown promise as a productive model for cross sector collaboration for hiring as well as professional development and knowledge transfer. Pro bono clients have included the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, Playworks, Global Network Initiative and Ashoka.

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