Ashoka Fellow
Fellow Since 2016
This description of Luciana Delle Donne's work was prepared when Luciana Delle Donne was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 2016.
Evidence shows that inmates who are able to work while in prison are less likely to re-offend. Many programs around the world give prisoners new skills for a life away from criminality upon their release. This has been very difficult in Italy because a law - initially designed to protect the exploitation of prisoners -forbids work in prison unless it is paid with competitive salaries. By creating a powerful brand, Luciana delle Donne has found a way to hire hundreds of women in prisons and to embed them in a production system which begins and ends outside of the prison. Women are indeed hired with a regular contract, which pays for their legal expenses and allows them to save up for their first periods after detention. She compensates for the lower productivity inherent to work inside prison by working with for-profit companies that donate materials to Made in Carcere. Her model has been taken up by the Minister of Justice as the only functional example of paid work in prison.
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