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Felipe Vergara, Schwab Foundation & a Shift in the Education Economy

As a student in Colombia, Felipe Vergara observed that human capital—the sum total of skills, abilities, and knowledge available in a society—drives economic growth, development, and individual potential. He saw that each year, in the developing world, millions of promising students end their education for lack of funding to continue attending school. 

With an uncanny sense for the future, a premonition for what will become important, and an entrepreneurial drive to act on that sense, Felipe began to address the problem. 

One Ashoka Fellow, By the Numbers

Let's talk about Darell Hammond by the numbers for a moment.

576 community-created playgrounds. Six skate parks. 1,300 neighborhood restoration projects. 44 states.

And, now, one.

Mining for Great Minds

Mining for Great Minds: a peek inside Ashoka’s process of finding and electing the world’s leading social entrepreneurs

If you know only one thing about Ashoka, chances are you know about Ashoka Fellows.  

I Hope One Day to Become an Ashoka Donor Myself

If one organization has had a profound impact in Lumni´s evolution, that organization is Ashoka. When Ashoka crossed paths with Lumni and elected me a Fellow in November 2006, I had been working part time to implement my vision for five years and had succeeded in financing some 75 students. Ashoka gave me a stipend that allowed me to reduce the burden of my own student loans, cover my basic expenses, and fully dedicate myself to scaling Lumni.

Getting My Empathetic Gordon Gecko On

Can you imagine how the process of closing down a factory could possibly help extend healthcare to people in remote parts of the developing world?  It sounds like a stretch, right?  But this month, I have seen the link materialize before my very eyes.

Leading Women ChangemakeHERS Reveal Blueprints for Action

Imagine a master class for social change: an academy of action where concrete advice, guidance, and direction for every level of changemaking – from the first spark of an idea to the scaling of an innovation across the globe – are shared by some of the world’s most accomplished innovators and activists.

A Successful First Ashoka FailFaire

“It just didn’t work.”
“We ended up with angry donors.”
“If I were to do it differently, I would do it ALL differently.”
“We spent countless hours building a system not fully adopted by the institution. Ten years ago we spent countless hours building a similar system.”

These stories make even veteran social entrepreneurs cringe. Why then would we hold an event just to listen to stories of Ashoka’s failures for an hour?

Ideas from the Fringe, Front and Center

Atlantic Monthly celebrates Ashoka Fellow Sakena Yacoobi in its Brave Thinkers Edition

Gender Trends

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof writes that women have a special and important role in social change.  What does that mean for Ashoka US where only approximately 1/3 of our Fellows are women? How do we diversify gender in our Fellowship?