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Scaling-up Social Impact by Giving Away Value? We're Open to that Idea.

Open source thinking is no longer a skill reserved for software engineers, but a valuable skill for social entrepreneurs.

A Peace Corps Perspective: Are Social Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

To celebrate the Peace Corps' 50th birthday on September 22, Change inSight will be bringing you impact stories from current and returned volunteers from around the world.

Since returning from the Peace Corps five months ago, I sometimes find myself questioning “changemaking” from the perspective of nature versus nurture: How much of one’s ability to transform systems derives from inherent personality traits, and how much results from trainings, experiences, and interactions acquired over time?

How to Start A New Life: The Incredible Story of Baseer Naveed

Baseer Naveed is a senior citizen-sector leader in Pakistan. In 2004, in reprisal for Baseer's effective advocacy on behalf of slum communities in Karachi, his son Faraz was abducted, tortured, and murdered, his body left in a lot next to Baseer's office. Later, Baseer’s wife and other son were attacked in public, and the entire family faced further threats and harassment. It was an extremely disturbing situation.

Courage, Creativity and Renewable Energy

Social entrepreneurs are often credited with having a one-track mind. There is no barrier strong enough or challenge tall enough to stop these positive deviants from achieving their goals.

Unfolding Blindness

Ashoka Senior Fellow Dr. Andreas Heinecke, CEO of Dialogue Social Enterprise, has received the 2011 Special Prize of the Deutscher Gründerpreis. The Deutscher Gründerpreis is Germany’s most prestigious award for outstanding entrepreneurs, honoring extraordinary achievements in developing innovative and financially sustainable business ideas.

My Journey to Hybrid Value Chain Enlightenment

This time last year, I was heading to business school to “gain the skills necessary to be great at doing good” – a lofty goal, but the true reason I was pursuing a business education. I knew my passion for social impact was unwavering; I just needed the tools to make it happen.

Celebrating 30 Years of Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship today enjoys the high regard it has long deserved -- fully 30 years after the organization that launched the movement was born.

I Know I Am Not Alone

Thanks to Ashoka, I realized that I belong to a large network of people who in their own way, are working to make this world better. Although we do not see each other often, I feel the fraternity between members who are part of this network,  and this is very precious to me. I know I am not alone.

Bill Drayton Wins Prince of Asturias Award, Spain's Answer to Nobel Prize

Bill Drayton, CEO and Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, took home a tremendous honor today. Drayton was awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for International Cooperation, Spain's highest honor and Nobel Prize equivalent. The announcement was made live via satellite from Oviedo, Spain.

An Uncommon Gathering, for a Common Agenda: Affordable Housing at the BoP

What do CEMEX, one of the largest cement manufactures in the world, Terra Nova, a private company in Brazil that negotiates land rights for illegal urban squatters; BRAC, the world's largest NGO; and the Inter-American Development Bank&nb