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Hone Your Empathy Chops (by Playing a Game)

You don’t have to be in a classroom to improve your ability to be empathetic. Scientists, game-makers, and designers are creating new ways of measuring, cultivating, and boosting empathy.

And you can even get started on your own. Want to try? Here are three empathy-building resources to check out:

George Mason University Recognizes Diana Wells as a Social Innovation Champion

Earlier this month, Ashoka President Diana Wells was recognized for her role as an innovation champion by winning the first Social Innovation Champion Award at the fourth annual Accelerating Social Entrepreneurship (ASE) conference.

Occupy Rooftops and Start a Solar Revolution

Are you a part of the rooftop revolution? It’s never been easier, explains Ashoka Fellow Billy Parish. He is the co-founder of Solar Mosaic, a marketplace that simplifies the clean energy movement by helping communities create and fund their own solar projects.

Join Parish in celebrating Community Solar Day in your neighborhood on November 20.

A Huge Energy Came Through the Prison Walls to Me

We in Hungary who are fighting for the freedom of an Ashoka Fellow Dr. Agnes Gereb, for the right of midwives to assist at homebirths and for the rights of Hungarian mothers' to fulfill their constitutional right to homebirth have been so fortunate to have Ashoka as our ally and friend.  From the moment Ashoka's Gabriella Benko responded to our message after Agnes was arrested on October 5th, we have had the full attention and support of your great organization.

In Spain, Social Entrepreneurship is Finding Strength

On Friday, October 21, 2011 Bill Drayton joined the ranks of Nelson Mandela, Bill and Melinda Gates, and the World Health Organization in receiving the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation. The award, referred to as the Spanish Nobel, is an annual recognition of one person or organization for a global contribution to humankind.

As Drayton arrived in Spain for the award ceremony, there was a surge of media coverage and events focused on social entrepreneurship.

Seeing Ashoka’s Mission, Alive in Spain

Oviedo, Spain, the small capital city of the Asturias region, charms visitors with its traditional Asturian sidrerias (hard ciders), rolling green countryside, bustling Fontán market, and a beautifully-maintained old quarter. Those who are currently enjoying Asturia’s charms may also have noticed Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, smiling at them from posters and signs across the city, accompanied by a heightened buzz of excitement about the upcoming Prince of Asturias Award Ceremony.  

Sechs Ansätze zur Verbreitung sozialer Innovation in Deutschland

2011 warfen mit erstmals einen systematischen Blick auf die Branche Social Entrepreneurship und fragten uns: Vor welchen Hürden stehen soziale Problemlöser*innen heute?

Forever a Social Entrepreneur

Happy Birthday Ashoka!!

Ashoka, you are and always will be a dream organization with inspired people, innovation, and knowledge. Thank you for truly changing the world. 

My defining moment at Ashoka:

Collaborative entrepreneurship — the only solution?

We think of the social entrepreneur as a solitary figure, face into the wind, pursuing a unique vision of change. As a result, social entrepreneurship organizations have traditionally focused on providing entrepreneurs with individualized support. But what if entrepreneurship could be reimagined as collaborative?

Polish Fellows Receive Presidential Honors

Eight Ashoka Fellows were recognized by the President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, on September 15, 2011 for their public achievements that have helped build-up the citizen sector in Poland.