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4 Daily Habits of Game-Changing Social Innovators

When we think about social innovation, we tend to focus on the outcomes—assistive technology for the blind, work for the underemployed, housing for the homeless. But it’s people who work day after day to come up with new ideas and realize better solutions to social challenges. What are these changemakers doing on a day-to-day basis, when not receiving MacArthur Genius Grants for their work? And could you be doing the same?

The Women Saving Higher Education

Higher education may be notoriously resistant to change, but at this point, the writing's on the whiteboard, so to speak. Ashoka U founders Erin Krampetz and Marina Kim are the among the entrepreneurs determined to shake things up and disrupt the system.

How I, A Woman, Learned To Break The Rules And Do My Part To Help Better The World

Why is it that so few women have changed the world on a massive scale in the same way that men have?  Where are the female Henry Fords, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Where are the women who have not only started companies but launched entirely new industries disrupting the way the world works?

A Little Empathy Can Go a Long Way: The Bill Drayton Story

Bill Drayton’s lifetime achievements, which include founding  Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, have earned him the distinction as one of Harvard University’s 100 most influential alumni. But it all started with an elementary school newspaper.

Ashoka's own amongst Forbes' 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs

Forbes has published their final list of 30 under 30 social entreperenuers. Ashoka is well represented with 11 of the 30 being Ashoka Fellows, Youth Venturers or current and former staff.

Insights on Intrapreneurship from a Google+ Hangout with Ashoka Changemakers

Just when I felt I was beginning to understand the confines within which the term social entrepreneur or social enterprise can be applied, this new term emerges: the social intrapreneur. Luckily, from what I understand of it now, it is a bit more straightforward in terms of its practical application, but still the term serves to further blur the lines between entities that are often viewed as distinct and separate.

How Do You Know When a Group of Social Innovators Have Revolutionized an Industry?

How do you know when you, or a group of social innovators like you, have revolutionized an industry? Ashoka has been working with CEB for the last several months to explore this million-dollar question.

Social Entrepreneurs: Real Problem Solvers for the World's Challenges

Social entrepreneurship is blowing up, particularly in the United States. From 1995 to 2005, the number of non-profits registered with the IRS grew by 53 percent.

What does an increase in ventures that blend profits with purpose mean for philanthropy? And how can the everyday changemaker use better business models to overcome barriers to change?

The answers to those questions—and more—are what Ruth A. Shapiro set out to discover in editing “The Real Problem Solvers: Social Entrepreneurs in America.”

Leading the way to 'Transformative Education': Lunch with Ashoka's CEO and Teacher-Changemakers

Ashoka recently announced its inagural class of Changemakers Schools. These schools—and, more importantly, the educators within them—proving that teaching skills like empathy, leadership and teamwork are what truly prepare students for the new global economy.

Q&A with Ashoka Singapore: Social Innovation in Southeast Asia



Laura Thompson, program associate at Ashoka Singapore shares her thoughts on the state of the social sector in the region. She also got an update on Ashoka Fellow Dr. Kongkiat Kespetchara, who recently won the Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SVCA) Award for developing Hospital OS, an open-source management and information system for use in rural health care centers.