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A Pragmatic Playbook for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

Thirteen years of fieldwork in social entrepreneurship have culminated in The Social Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Pressure Test Your Start-Up – Step 1. James D. Thompson, the director of the Wharton Social Enterprise Program co-authored the Playbook with Ian Macmillan,

Social Entrepreneurship in Europe: Pioneering, stalling, and hugely promising

Every once in a long while, a policy process delivers quick and ambitious results. For a short while.  

The recent EU policies around social entrepreneurship may not have made many headlines but triggered a profound change. They may even end up rerouting billions of dollars in funding to social innovations. Here is how that will happen.

Forbes' 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs featuring members of the Ashoka Community

Forbes has published their second annual list of 30 under 30 social entrepereneurs. Ashoka is well represented with Ashoka Fellows and Youth Venturers included in the list. Congratulations to the young people recognized for their hard work changing the world.

Top quality, peer-reviewed online education & skills training for free! Winner of the World Innovation Summit Education award

Mike a serial social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and Harvard MBA who has previously created successful internet-based companies in telecoms and finance as well as online education, has had the challenges of accessing education imprinted on him from an early age. The first of his family to attend college, and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures since childhood, Mike was accepted to Harvard Business School at age 23. The school suggested he spend a year gaining experience before enrolling as he was much younger than the rest of the students.

Bringing you a certificate of social entrepreneurship: Ashoka Youth Venture & StraighterLine

In an increasingly fast-paced world, many of us are looking to learn the skills of the future. Increasingly, we are called to step into entrepreneural roles to help create better realities. Ashoka's Youth Venture and StraighterLines have partnered to provide future social entrepreneurs with the knowledge they will need to launch a business created to address a social, environmental or economic problem. Students will conceive, plan, and create their own social ventures and learn how to access capital and resources to support their growth.

How Running Can Change The World: Q&A With Ashoka Fellow Molly Barker

Molly Barker is a yogi, a four-time Ironman triathlete (!), an author, and a recovering alcoholic. She’s also a social entrepreneur, an Ashoka Fellow, and the founder of Girls on the Run, a program that empowers girls to grow up joyful, healthy and confident through an experienced-based curriculum with running—yes, running—at its core.

Future Forum Cheat Sheet: How To Create The Corporation Of Tomorrow

Social entrepreneurship is evolving into a global movement, and it’s rendering the standard nonprofit/for-profit dichotomy obsolete. Now, new legal structures and certifications are being built to accommodate for businesses with embedded social missions. Leading the way in this movement is the B Corporation (B Corp), a new kind of certification created by the nonprofit B Lab that enables companies to “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.”

Future Forum Cheat Sheet: 3 Ways To Become A More Effective Leader

At Ashoka, we spend a lot of time talking about the fact that everyone can be a “changemaker.” But during the recent Ashoka Future Forum the conversation shifted to how a do-gooder can become a “change leader,” someone who leads a team of like-minded activists, entrepreneurs or socially conscious consumers.

Stiftungsreport mit Spezial zu Social Entrepreneurship erschienen

Am Dienstag ist in Berlin der StiftungsReport 2013/2014 des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Stiftungen vorgestellt worden. Enthalten ist auch ein Special zur Rolle von Sitftungen in der Förderung von Social Entrepreneurs, unter anderem mit vielen Fallbeispielen aus der Ashoka Fellowship und einem Interview mit Felix Oldenburg.