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Q&A with IBM’s Tony Tenicela: Empathy, Diversity, and the Keys to Corporate Turnaround

We put a lot of energy into building camaraderie among employees and management alike, which is absolutely critical to maintaining empathy and mutual respect. We’ve developed a strong virtual community, so that employees get to know each other across team and managerial lines. It doesn’t replace face-to-face, but it absolutely enhances the employee experience.

Peruvian Fellow Receives Prestigious Honors in US and UK

Ruiz’s commitment to improving the lives of the working poor recently attracted the attention of The Global Fairness Initiative (GFI), which was founded with the goal of promoting fair and sustainable approaches to economic development. GFI presented Ruiz with the 2011 Fairness Award on November 8, 2011. Two weeks later, Ruiz accepted the prestigious Albert Medal at the Royal Society of Arts in London, joining a long and distinguished list of innovative pioneers that includes Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

Forget the Heat Wave: Let’s Focus on the Chilly Job Market

Last week’s record-breaking heat wave was all kinds of sticky and uncomfortable. But the inconvenience of 100-plus-degree temperatures is nothing compared to one of the hottest topics nationwide: the sluggish economic recovery.
Twenty-five million Americans are still scraping by in vulnerable employment, and many others are without work at all. There must be a way to shift the economic climate in the United States … but how?

Meet Ashoka Fellow Charles Maisel, Innovation Addict

Meet Charles Maisel, the founder of Innovation Shack. As controversial as he is kind hearted, this is one man whose view point shakes up conventional charity thinking.


Peace Corps and Ashoka: Celebrating Anniversaries and Collaborations

Did you know that Sargent Shriver, the dynamic force behind the creation of the Peace Corps, provided thought leadership for the creation of Ashoka as a member of the Ashoka Council? In fact, there have been many powerful points of intersection throughout the history of Peace Corps and Ashoka.

Holiday Time

What if America's two most pressing economic concerns could be solved with one big idea?

Bill Drayton thinks Americans need a holiday.

Freeing the Social Entrepreneur--Excerpts

Social entrepreneurs who are steering their organizations toward growth need to share the reins, according to an article by Chantal Laurie Below and Kimberly Dasher Tripp.

The Silver Lining of High Unemployment for Social Entrepreneurs

Volunteering is giving out-of-work professionals the opportunity to develop skills, as well as network for job contacts in the process.

Interview: Gerald Chertavian on how he made the jump from business to social entrepreneur

Shortly after Ashoka Fellow Gerald Chertavian landed a banking job on Wall Street in the late 1980s, he  became a Big Brother to David Heredia, a ten-year old who lived in a low-income housing project in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Chertavian was moved by David’s ambition and talent, but he knew the boy faced major barriers in realizing his dreams. Over the next decade and a half, Chertavian mentored David, helping him to graduate from the School of Visual Arts and establish himself as a professional artist.

Bill Drayton Contributes Lead Article to MIT Press's Innovations Journal

Engage People, Retire Things” Explains the Connection Between Unemployment and Climate Change, and How to Get the Jobs/Climate Synergy Working Positively