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Google scopre che le competenze in ambito STEM non sono le più importanti

Ottimo articolo del Washington Post su una ricerca condotta da Google in merito alle competenze più rilevanti per il successo dei propri dipendenti. Grande sorpresa: non sono le competente in ambito STEM (Scienza, Tecnologia, Ingegneria e Matematica). Scrive il Washington Post: 

To Prepare Young People for 21st-Century Jobs, Design Classrooms Beyond Walls

Walk into the small town where Actonville Primary School (APS) is located in South Africa and you may find yourself in the middle of a dance competition, an emotional and physical well-being checkup, or a community gathering—all planned and managed by primary-school students. At APS, students create and oversee “community heart and soul” days like these on a regular basis and nurture partnerships with more than 30 local organizations to offer services to the school and the wider community.

Youth Employment Imperative: Shifting from Youth Exploitation or Entitlement to Rewarding Meaningful Contributions

In her region in Ghana, Regina Honu witnessed homes being destroyed during periods of heavy rainfall. But it wasn’t the destruction alone that worried her. “When I was young,” she explains, “I used to always see how people would wait on somebody. They would come and see me and say ‘We’re waiting for the government.’” She would wonder, “Why is it that somebody else must come and solve the problem?”

Youth Unemployment is Unsolvable Without Addressing ‘Waithood’

In a scenario illustrated by the World Bank, “Africa will need at least two decades to change the structure of employment sufficiently to offer dramatically different prospects to its youth.” However, what this scenario may not fully consider is the persistent problem of “waithood,” or “waiting for adulthood.”

How Purpose and Holistic Health are Foundational for Youth Career Development

When Esther Eshiet graduated from the University of Calabar in Nigeria, she noticed a worrying trend. One of her friends had to take the first administrative job she could find in order to support herself and her family instead of taking the time to explore a career that aligned with what she had studied in school.

Eshiet also noticed that most of her classmates were struggling to find employment because they were not able to identify their own career goals. She was concerned that the education system failed to prepare these young people to choose careers.

Redefining What Counts as a "Good" Job

Employers and job seekers across the continent are struggling with an employment mismatch of unprecedented proportions. There are three major societal shifts that entrepreneurs are promoting through innovative solutions:

  1. Elevate informal jobs as viable, respected livelihoods
  2. Leverage alternative industries
  3. Shift from jobs to entrepreneurship.


Ashoka Fellows Collaborate on Combined Restaurant, Food Service Training Center, and Nonprofit Hub

Ashoka Fellow Saru Jayaraman’s organization Restaurant Opportunities Centers United will open a COLORS restaurant in East Oakland, Calif., which doubles as training facilities to prepare workers for jobs in the fine-dining industry.

Trust Young People to Lead for Better Results

African leaders are beginning to recognize that solving problems for young people isn't working as well as trusting young people to be leaders so that young people themselves become the solution.