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Artificial Intelligence, Health, and the Future of Human Agency

Dr. Stephen Friend, a globally acclaimed serial entrepreneur and biomedical researcher, talks about how the future of health could be a radical new model of health, augmented by artificial intelligence (AI) machines that begin to replace replace a doctor’s decision making, but counterbalanced by a community of support that promotes each patient’s power to make their own choices.   

A Special Power: Ensuring that Information Technology is Good for All

Some of the world's leading social entrepreneurs are working to ensure that  the powerful digital technologies shaping our world will serve the good of all.

Safety Impact Challenge lancia l’Impact Challenge sulla Sicurezza in partnership con Ashoka e Institute for Strategic Dialogue. E’ un bando con dieci milioni di euro per sostenere le organizzazioni sociali europee che lavorano sui problemi legati all’odio, all’estremismo e alla sicurezza dei minori, sia online che offline.