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Devenir Acteur du Changement - Ashoka Talks @Lyon

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Talking About the Future in Mindanao

What does the future hold? 

Will robots and AI be taking over the workplace? Will people be in courses and careers we’ve only read in science fiction? 

"Transformer le système éducatif pour créer une nouvelle civilisation" - Ross Hall, Directeur Education Ashoka

INTERVIEW. Depuis plus de 35 ans, l'ONG Ashoka anime une communauté intergénérationnelle d'innovateurs sociaux, tous convaincus que chacun peut être acteur du changement et participer à l'émergence d'un nouveau monde. Le système éducatif y joue, bien sûr, un rôle essentiel. Le point avec Ross Hall, Directeur Education chez Ashoka.


The aim is to reinvent afterschool programs to create the bridge between learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together. AlterEducS helps schools integrate non-formal and meaningful learning activities for children helping them become more aware, empathic and knowledgeable about community living. The program combines a wide range of activities supported by a team of in-school education experts, at a lower price and more meaningful for the children.

Ecolo Crèche - L'essor des crèches écologiques

Les crèches écologiques se multiplient. L’association Ecolo Crèche née à Marseille aide les crèches à se transformer pour que les enfants évoluent dans un univers plus sain dès le plus jeune âge.

Kenji Hayashi - FoundingBase

Kenji Hayashi is rejuvenating depopulated rural areas in Japan by creating pathways for emerging urban professionals to build their careers—and lives—in rural municipalities.

Tom Ravenscroft - Enabling Enterprise

As a new teacher in London, Tom Ravenscroft became increasingly alarmed at the gap between what his students were learning and the skills required for a 21st century workforce. He designed a modern curriculum at his kitchen table and eventually launched Enabling Enterprise, an organization that proves “soft” skills are as relevant as literacy and math in preparing today’s students for the workforce and beyond.