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World Economic Forum Appoints Revolution Foods Co-Founder Kristin Groos Richmond to Young Global Leaders Program

Among young people in the United States, the current state of food-culture and nutrition is bleak. Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past 3

Ashoka U and Cordes Foundation Announce “Most Innovative Educators of 2012”

Forget the Oscars—this week, the hottest stars on the red carpet are ideas for improving higher education. Six sustainable, scalable teaching and partnership models to bring disruptive social innovation education have won the 2012 Ashoka U – Cordes Innovation Award.

Empathy as a Way of Being

A conversation with Sonali Ojha, Ashoka Fellow and founder of the Dreamcatchers Foundation

When the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami struck at the end of 2004, hundreds of relief organizations rushed to the scene. Sonali Ojha's organization, the Dreamcatchers Foundation, was there too, but to perform a very different function than first aid and rescue.

Ashoka’s Globalizers are Scaling-up Mobile Technology Solutions to Reach 7 Billion

There is nothing more powerful than pattern-changing ideas in the hands of leading social entrepreneurs (as Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton reminds us). The greatest challenge in today’s rapidly changing world is figuring out how to scale-up these good ideas.

Creatively incorporating social entrepreneurship in the classroom

If you think social entrepreneurship has to be taught as a stand-alone subject, you haven’t met Jane Turner and Benhür Oral. While teaching English as a preparatory subject in Istanbul’s Özyeğin University, they quickly realized they could incorporate far more into the syllabus than just the basic language knowledge set.


Laura White on the Disruption Needed in Higher Education: Empathy

When you ask Laura White about reforming higher education, she doesn’t suggest lofty bureaucratic changes. She doesn’t talk about funding, tuition, or budget cuts. When White envisions positive changes in education, she sees one principle as the fulcrum: empathy.

Equipping the Next Generation to Propel Us Forward: The Cordes Innovation Awards and Ashoka U

The Cordes Foundation’s search for impact led it to partner with the Ashoka U program to co-develop the Ashoka U - Cordes Innovation Award for recognizing the most innovative approaches to social entrepreneurship education. The first year of “Ashoka U – Cordes Innovation Awards” were launched in February 2011.

Empowering teachers to empower young people

Living and thriving in a new world —

Fueled by explosions in population growth, urbanisation and technological advancement — our world today is defined by accelerating volatility, complexity and hyper-connectivity — forces which make our tangle of social, economic and environmental problems everyone’s problems — and increasingly difficult to solve.

Arizona State University is Changemaker Central

No one ever said taking your venture from the white board to the global marketplace was easy. For a college student dreaming of entrepreneurship, the prospect might seem daunting.

That’s exactly why Ashoka U partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) to build Changemaker Central. It's a hub where students share entrepreneurial resources with one another and launch ventures together.