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School Without Thresholds

The project creates an educational bridge that connects the first year of primary school with kindergarten. Both levels of schooling retain their individuality, but the threshold between the two disappears. Both age groups are mixed encouraged to interact in a dedicated space. They can learn from each other and be stimulated at the different levels of maturity. This allows the transition from kindergartern to primary school seem less daunting.


Boost responds to school dropout rates in several ways: work methodology, well-being, behaviour, discipline, career guidance, and remediation. For each of these components, a coordinator will be responsible for the support - or if necessary, the school can call on an external expert or offer the appropriate training to the coordinator. Once the student has been identified, an individual interview will determine the proper support required from the school coordinator, or from an external party with the necessary resources.

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a set of practices in the classroom combined with a specific room dedicated to experimentation within the school. The main idea is to build the curriculum around questions and interests brought by the children themselves. Once the topic is chosen, the teacher can use the Innovation Lab to encourage the children to experiment and find solutions by themselves. Local entrepreneurs are welcomed in the school to share and experiment with children. 

School without thresholds

Reducing the threshold between kindergarten and primary school by mixing both age groups in dedicated learning spaces