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Meet The Powerhouse Ashoka Fellow Ending Ignorance About Autism In India

Back in the 80s in India, if you uttered the word autism, you were most likely to be met by a confused stare. No one knew much about the condition, let alone understand it. And then the movie ‘Rain Man’ released with Dustin Hoffman's epic performance of a man suffering from autism, and this word entered at least popular vocabulary in India too.

Jessica Sager - All Our Kin

Jessica Sager is closing the opportunity gap that denies many children nurturing, quality care early in life. By professionalizing the field of home-based child care, she is changing how society values early child care, transforming it into a respected profession, with better-paid providers and broader access to affordable, quality care for parents and children.

Lauren McNamara - The Recess Project

Lauren McNamara, armed with new measures and data she developed, is persuading and helping elementary schools replace harmful recess patterns with new approaches that help children grow socially and emotionally, not least by helping one another grow.