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Making Change Today

Making Change Today : la nouvelle série d’articles de Forbes en collaboration avec Ashoka

Making Change Today, est une série d’interviews de dirigeants et d’entrepreneurs produite par Ashoka et diffusée par Forbes. Ce projet collaboratif réalisé à l’échelle mondiale vise à identifier et déterminer la place de l’empathie dans le monde des affaires, au travers l’œil de professionnels. Les différents contributeurs y partagent leurs perceptions du monde économique actuel où la réussite et la création de valeur doivent intégrer les enjeux de volatilité, de complexité et de constante évolution du secteur économique.

How Strong Is Your Network?: Turning Engagement Into Impact

In this ever more connected day and age, you are undoubtedly part of some type of network -- whether it is through your alma mater, current profession or the bounty of social networks.

While networks can be a great a resource and tool, they can also be a drain on your time and money. As such, it is critical to understand and measure the strength and impact of your network and to ask some key questions: Is it delivering on its intended purpose? Does it provide rich and diverse connections? And is it achieving its desired impact?

Misurare impegno e impatto dell'Ashoka Support Network

The success of the Ashoka Support Network (ASN) hinges on the idea that active philanthropy must include rigorous co-creation and idea exchange. ASN is a global community comprising hundreds of innovative leaders across 25 countries and a variety of professional sectors, all of whom have a vested interest in building changemaking capacity to address the world’s most pressing problems. They channel that interest into a regular commitment of time, expertise, and resources to Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows.

Building a Team with Super-Skills and Complementarity

Who you choose to be on your team will define your success in life, in your work, in your relationships.

Most of us tend to pick a team of people (or join a team) with similar backgrounds, or who we like working with, or who have similar strengths. While there is nothing wrong with that, surrounding yourself with completely uniform team members can stunt your professional growth. People who are just like you will not push you to see beyond your biases, grow new perspectives or help complement or expand your abilities.

Why We Face a Crisis of Leadership Across the World

New research suggests that business leaders in every part of the globe are under-performing when it comes to the skills and capacities they will need in the 21st Century.

Empathy and Teamwork Are Key for Building Innovation Ecosystems

Maybe Ashoka is onto something after all! It wasn’t more than 15 minutes into this week’s Global Innovation Summit + Week that empathy came up in the context of creating innovation ecosystems. The predominant metaphor for the week is that of a rainforest, where we may all be competing for a finite amount of sunlight at the top, we must lock hands in the soil if we’re ever going to make it (the way that tall redwoods lock their root systems).

Innovative Leaders in the Ashoka Support Network Conceive a Future Shaped by Cross-Sector Collaboration

It would be impossible to solve the world’s most difficult problems without collaboration and co-creation among business leaders, social entrepreneurs and public servants. This is particularly true in an increasingly interconnected and fast-changing world, where changemakers must grasp the intricate dynamics of markets, media, and their own organizations.

How are Innovative Leaders Helping Redefine ‘Value Creation’ Across Sectors?

How do we overcome cultural, economic, and geographic barriers to create large-scale social change? What does the world look like without walls separating the citizen sector from any other sector? How can successful individuals from across a variety of fields channel their entrepreneurial talents and passion into creating an Everyone A Changemaker world?

How Business Can Lift People Out Of Poverty: 4 Insights From The World's Best Social Entrepreneurs

How do you profitably sell to a customer who earns less than $2 per day?

It is probably the most daunting business question in the world—as well as the most important, because that’s the earning power of nearly one third of humanity, the two billion people at the so-called “base of the pyramid.”

A Business Perspective on Scaling Impact at Healing Fields Foundation

For Healing Fields Foundation (HFF), hosting an Executive in Residence was a new experience that opened our minds to an international business environment and allowed us to look at our work from a strategic growth perspective.  We are now better able to approach our work in terms of how to optimize the efficiencies of our resources without compromising on the impact—an issue we struggled with as we faced the necessity of scaling our operation.