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    Eine Idee weiter auf dem Abend der Changemaker


    Das Ashoka Netzwerk ist wieder gewachsen. Am 22.

    Why Nonprofits Should Think More Like Tech Companies


    "Social entrepreneurship is a new form of creating social change," said Social Startup Success author Kathleen Kelly Janus.

    WISE Launches at Arab World Social Innovation Forum March 15 in Cairo


    The Arab World Social Innovation Forum ( is the region's premier platform for gathering an international community of social entrepreneur

    „Social Entrepreneurship – Behind the Scenes“


    Am 16. Januar startete das RKW Kompetenzzentrum die Veröffentlichung der Videoreihe „Social Entrepreneurship – Behind the Scenes“.

    Talking About the Future in Mindanao


    What does the future hold? 

    Ashoka sucht eine*n Trainee für Social Entrepreneurship


    Social Entrepreneurship begeistert dich?
    Du möchtest tief eintauchen in die Welt sozialer Innovationen?

    Ashoka debuts in Japan


    In February 2010, Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton had a series of meetings in Tokyo, with 360 audience members at a University symposium, the Japanese Prime Minister (video), congressmen, and major media reporters.

    Bill Drayton on the power of collaborative entrepreneurship in McKinsey's "What Matters?"


    Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton has contributed an essay to McKinsey&Company's new What Matters publication and website.

    In it he describes the qualities and instincts of social entrepreneurs, sharing lessons learnt from 30 years of seeking out the world's most high-impact changemakers.

    Nonprofit Organization Highlights Local Changemakers in Haiti


    "People in poverty are championing the way out of poverty," declared Daphne Nederhorst,