See the World Differently – Doing Differently

Living and thriving in a new world

Creating frameworks for others to take decisions and make change

It’s a paradigm shift they feel happening under their feet

Allowing an organization to remain competitive and relevant.

Henry De Sio describes the key to success in an era of explosive social change

Global executives really fail in the area of human interaction

You can’t play the change game unless you are a changemaker.

The key to a better world: let people create that world for themselves

“We Need a Way to Talk Openly”

New skills are needed in an “everyone leads” environment,

Diese Projekte haben Lösungen für Umgang mit Energiearmut

Hier trifft Unternehmergeist auf neuartige, wirksame Ansätze zur Lösung gesellschaftlicher Probleme - Lernen Sie die Ashoka Fellows in Deutschland kennen

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