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Why We Don’t Want a Return to Normal

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AsI write this, schools and universities across Mexico are closed, along with almost all beaches, hotels, shopping malls, government offices, and a good chunk of businesses, small and large. If quarantine continues, other industries are expected to follow suit. In fact, according to the Mexican Employers’ Association, COPARMEX, 43 percent of micro, small and medium enterprises could go bankrupt.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands remain in their homes. Many — myself included — are looking after children who have seen very little of the outdoors for weeks, much less their friends.

These scenes are repeated in much of the world during this global pandemic. Some countries have implemented curfews, large fines and penalties for anyone who leaves their home. Faced with an unprecedented moment like this, it’s not surprising that we ask ourselves when we we can “return to normal.”

But the real question should be what is it that we consider normal?

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