School Type: Public, Primary School and Middle School

Age group: 6-15

Number of students: 430

Year Elected: 2014

Röselidskolan is a public Swedish primary school that is successfully working to bring entrepreneurship and real-life problem solving into the school curriculum. They are simultaneously changing Gråbo as a municipality, and the perception of education as a whole. The school is a tought leader for innovative learning in the region. The school has had many visits from national and international school leaders and educationalists, as well as representatives from large-scale EU education projects. 

Changemaking Initiatives:

  • The schools education is based around the “Big 5”: analytical ability, communicative ability, metacognitive ability, procedural ability and conceptual ability. 
  • The children create the curriculum together in the class, and divide themselves into groups according to their curiosity.
  • Every school day starts with a calm process time were teachers and students sit in a circle on the floor discussing the day ahead, key lessons from the previous day and any other topics of interest.