Kuratierte Geschichte
This article originally appeared on Esquire Philippines

Last December 17, the Philippine Accessible Disability Services (PADS) Adaptive Dragon Boat Racing Team bagged silver and bronze medals at the BakuNaga Races in Naga City, Cebu. They won first runner-up for the mixed category, and second runner-up for the open men’s category.

The team is made up of people with disabilities—some have physical disabilities like amputees, others are people who are deaf or blind. As the first cross-disability adaptive team, they’ve made waves in the local dragon boating scene by quickly becoming one of the strongest teams in Cebu. Though the team was just founded a year ago, they’ve already participated in seven competitions and won championships in two—namely, the 1st Naga Invitational Dragon Boat Race and the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races.

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