Kuratierte Geschichte

Mavericks Don’t Rebel, They Fight What Blocks Their Goals

This article originally appeared on The Times of India

Managing mavericks is certainly not a job for the faint-hearted leader. It is a tightrope walk to allow their minds the freedom to explore, while holding them on a leash of right behavior and attitude to organizational values. But the return on effort is immense — their passionate curiosity and commitment inspire and enable new possibilities. And that is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that organizations and leaders strive for.

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Ashoka insight

Mavericks are who they are because of their natural brilliance that causes a seismic jump in qualitative outcomes. Clearly, their minds work at a different pace and trajectory. Bill Drayton, who founded Ashoka to introduce a game-changing model of social entrepreneurship, is one such example. It was a truly transformative innovation of social systems that improved millions of lives across the globe.