Impact Days in Scandinavia

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Quelle: Ashoka

In October 2016, Ashoka Scandinavia gathered its network of social entrepreneurs, Changemaker schools staff, Ashoka Support Network members and partners for two days full of inspiration and idea exchange. The aim with arranging Impact Days was to give an insight of how Ashoka’s vision of Everyone a Changemaker WorldTM might look like in everyday life – a world where more people have the courage, the will and the ability to solve the problems they experience. 

Impact Journey

Impact Journey began with parallel sessions of breakfast workshops followed by eld trips that gave approximately 40 participants a concrete example of individuals and places where Changemaking happens everyday. Many of Scandinavian Ashoka Fellows were on place during the day. Some of them, namely Lone Koldby, Heidi Wang, Karl- Henrik Robért, Knut Ove Børseth, Rustam Nabiev and Liisa Petrykowska shared their way of steering social change with the participants. 

We visited one of our Changemaker Schools to see how young learners develop their Changemaker Skills (e.g. empathy and creativity) during school hours. Later in the journey, we focused on the integration issue in Scandinavian context through a workshop which is facilitated by the participants from Ashoka Young Changemaker Camp. The journey ended with presentations about complex social problems and how to bring a system change to tackle these issues. Here is the video of the journey.

Night of Impact

In the evening of the journey, during the Night of Impact, an audience of approximately 120 people gathered to celebrate Ashoka Scandinavia’s recently elected Fellows (Rustam Nabiev and Knut-Ove Børseth) in 2016 and two new Changemaker Schools from Denmark (True North Efterskole and Ørestad Gymnasium). Moreover, Ashoka Scandinavia offcially launched the new guide book, which targets young social entrepreneurs along with a panel discussion about promoting changemaking at schools. 

Impact Day

Second day of Impact Days offered the participants eight different workshops and idea exchange sessions centered around two main themes; “social innovation and entrepreneurship” and “education of children and youth” which is suggested by the network itself. Fellows, teachers/educators and partners held workshops in their area of expertise, such as wellbeing, innovation processes, long-term performance management and other topics.