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Anugreh Sehtya
Quelle: Ashoka
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Meet Anugreh Sehtya, an Ashoka Young Changemaker who has developed technology-based design solutions to address challenges in the healthcare and social sector.

"Hybrid Idea started off as India’s first assistive technology based design solution company, i.e., we design solutions for people with special needs," he said. "We work on a range of disabilities including visual impairment, autism, and speech impairment etc. Our projects are used by people in need. Our projects for autism were able to help more than 40 autistic people in a special school in Hyderabad. Later on, we pivoted the Hybrid Idea to help businesses achieve their operational and business goals through technology."

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Ashoka insight

My advice to the students based on my experience will be to tell them that first identify the problem that they are facing in their particular community. Secondly, identify what they are really passionate about. Third, combine their passion to solve the problem that they are facing. This is the start of every change-making journey in my experience.

Apart from that, I advise students to believe in themselves, listen to others but keep doing what you personally believe is right for yourself.